Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The website «preferans.de» and the game «Video-preferans» belong to Alexandr Lozovskiy (Mail: alexvideopreferans@mail.ru , Tel. +79266303966).

Alexandr Lozovskiy is committed to providing an entertaining and friendly service to players of the well-known Russian card game «Preferans». The basic usage is free. No gambling for real money is supported.

Alexandr Lozovskiy takes the privacy and security concerns of the website and game users very seriously.


The users of the website and the game are not allowed to -

  • Personally attack or harass other users
  • Cheat by playing under different accounts at the same time
  • Display offensive, criminal, pornographic or stolen images or texts

Breaking above rules results in immediate exclusion from the game without prior warnings.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

You agree to these Terms and Conditions by accessing «preferans.de» or using the «Video-Preferans» game in any form. Additionally you agree, that Alexandr Lozovskiy may change the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions at any time.


PSELDONIMOV, Мурманск: 3281$


Медаль × 52


  1.  игорь владимирович, Курган: 845$ »
  2. Алексей, Самара: 646$
  3. VovchikD, Гродно: 501$
  4. Андрей: 451$
  5. Сергей 51, ЕРЮХИНО: 396$
  6. Михаил Харьков, Харьков: 355$
  7. yakov: 334$


 игорь владимирович, Курган: 845$

игорь владимирович

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